Citizens First Congress Resolution Form 

Use this form to present a resolution on an issue that you want the CFC to adopt. Please refer to the Elements of an Effective Campaign for more information on the questions below. While we encourage organizations to develop full campaign plans, please use this resolution form to provide other CFC members with a summary of the issue that you are addressing, the solution you propose, and the campaign behind it.

The CFC Platform is the broad platform of issues the CFC supports. If a CFC platform issue comes up at the legislature, the CFC will include the issue in alerts and updates, lend support to the proposing group, and track key votes and include them in the CFC's scorecard after the session.

From the Platform, members elect the Priority Agenda - issues the the CFC will take a lead role in implementing and that CFC members agree to support during the legislative session.

If a resolution is selected as a priority for the CFC, then we need the proposing group to commit extra time to help with strategy, lobbying efforts, and gaining general support.

To be considered as a priority issue all resolutions must meet the following criteria:

  1. The resolution must have a legislative solution.
  2. An active group must be willing to take the lead throughout the legislative session.
  3. The lead group and the caucus must be able to make progress on this issue during the next legislative session.
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