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A Bad Deal! How The Tax Bills Hurt Arkansas Families

Do you want to know the details of how the U.S. House and Senate tax bills impact you, your family and your community? Congress and the President are rushing these bills so fast that there hasn't been a lot of debate on the details.

Join us for a short tele-town hall as we review the details of these tax proposals and answer your questions. We'll explain why they are a terrible deal for most Arkansans. You will also have an opportunity to connect to your lawmakers to express your concerns on the bills. Your voice matters!

Here are a few of the problems we'll explore in more depth:

  • The proposals fund tax favors for major corporations and the wealthiest Americans by borrowing from our children. The proposals will add at least $1.5 trillion dollars to the deficit. 
  • The vast majority of tax cuts in these bills favors the corporations and super wealthy. They've used their special political influence to get favors packed into the bills.  
  • Some low and middle income families will actually see their taxes increase.
  • It's even a bad deal for middle class families who might see modest tax savings at first. The tax cuts for a select few are so big they will force big budgets cuts in the services middle income and working families depend on most. Medicaid, education, nutrition, job training and other programs that create opportunities are on the chopping block.

There is a better way to fix our tax system. We'll explore some better alternatives that would:

  • simplify our tax code;
  • help middle and low-income families;
  • help close our federal deficit and not endanger the programs that so many hardworking and vulnerable Arkansans depend on.

This event is co-hosted by Arkansas Citizens First Congress and Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.

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