CFC UPDATE: Thank You for Your Support During the 2015 Session

Dear Friend,

he 2015 Legislative Session is Over. Thank You for Getting Involved!

Your voices truly make a difference. Please enjoy this album highlighting the 2015 session. It was inspiring to see so many people participating in state politics.

hanks to you and other Arkansans standing up: - The Private Option will continue to provide health care access to 250,000 hard working Arkansans. It also preserved our rural and public health care facilities while creating jobs and saving the state nearly $100 million.  - We protected our public schools when legislators tried to hand them over to private out of state education companies. We created a task force to improve special education and we got a very small increase in pre-K funding. - We made ourselves loud and clear that hate, ignorance and intolerance are not Arkansas values. Arkansans flooded the Capitol and forced lawmakers to back down after passing a bill that would have legalized discrimination against ALL of us.  - Some first steps towards meaningful prison reform were started.

Unfortunately the 2015 session also left many needs unmet. Huge tax cuts for our wealthiest Arkansans crippled our state’s ability to focus on other priorities like truly investing in pre-K, investing in other proven education reforms, and offering low income working families tax relief. We saw some setbacks - health centers and public libraries will struggle with less funding this year, the state government banned local communities from creating their own non-discrimination policies, education standards regressed and the highly touted $100 million tax cut for the middle class doesn’t do much - averaging just $37 per family per year.

Although the lawmakers are leaving the Capitol for now, we can’t let our guard down. The legislature started a conversation about our priorities in this state and about what it takes to provide opportunities for EVERYONE. We need to keep that conversation going and bring facts and our stories to bear on it.  What’s clear is that when we stand together and focus on the true needs of Arkansans we can win reforms that are good for everyone. Thanks for joining with us to work for better Arkansas for all.