CFC ALERT: The Legislature Adjourns, Arkansas Values Halt HB1228

Dear Friend,

Thank You for Making Your Voices Heard! But the fight isn’t over yet.

On Wednesday Governor Asa Hutchinson finally admitted what we’ve been telling lawmakers since House Bill 1228 was introduced. This bill goes far beyond protecting religious liberty, into the realm of discrimination.

Your actions are directly responsible for the Governor’s decision. The Citizens First Congress testified about the flaws in this bill from the beginning, and more than 5,500 Arkansans joined the Arkansas Public Policy Panel and CFC by signing a letter to show the nation that hatred, intolerance and bigotry are not Arkansas values.

Yesterday WE delivered that letter.

Check out the pictures here!

We must stay involved, to make sure  discrimination is never accepted in Arkansas, and that all Arkansans are treated with respect and dignity. 

Help us keep that fight for equal opportunities going.  Your gift today will be MATCHED when you give through this website before 8pm TODAY! Your donation to the Panel helps ensure lawmakers hear your voice.

The Arkansas Citizens First Congress appreciates the Governor and General Assembly being willing to step back and realize the flaws and discrimination contained in HB1228.

While we don’t believe Arkansas needs any new legislation to protect religious freedom, SB975, mirroring the federal RFRA is a better option than HB1228, and could be made even stronger by adding a nondiscrimination clause.  We cannot afford to return to the dark days of discrimination that HB1228 would bring.

“Lawmakers should make sure that no one in Arkansas can lose their job or be denied opportunity because of who they are or who they love,” says CFC Co-Chair William El-Amin. “We hope the passion generated by this bill will propel Arkansas into a full discussion about discrimination in our state.”

Let’s have an honest conversation that is informed with the data and stories that show all of the barriers different groups of Arkansans face to achieve opportunity and the American dream. Let's move forward and create more opportunity, not try to take someone else's!

The legislature adjourned this afternoon, and we look forward to building a stronger movement for justice in Arkansas before they reconvene.