CFC Alert: Support High Quality Public Education - Vote NO on HB1733!

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Call your members of the House Education Committee today and ask them to VOTE NO on HB1733.  The bill creates a path for the state to turn public schools and school districts over to private charter school non-profits with little to no evidence that they will improve education. Any school reform measures should be firmly rooted in improving student performance, this bill fails that test.

Turning public schools over to private charter schools has been tried in multiple other places, most notably in New Orleans and Philadelphia, where it has not proven effective.

  • Many struggling public schools are being converted to private charter operators or being closed altogether.  
  • There is little or no evidence that charter schools on the whole actually improve student achievement.  Like public schools, some charters are great and some are woeful, but they have far less  accountability than public schools.  
  • There are far better alternatives proven to boost student achievement for Arkansas schools.  Why would we invest in unproven strategies that reduce public accountability when we are not fully implementing proven solutions?
    • Expanding quality pre-K, improving teacher quality, improving community engagement, providing afterschool and summer learning opportunities and addressing hunger and health problems among students are all proven extremely effective at raising student performance  in any school system or structure.    
  • Outside groups that often have little or no understanding of the students and communities served by these schools come in with pre-packaged programs that result in steep declines in community involvement.
  • Some of the so-called non-profits that take over schools often contract with companies that are decidedly in business for a profit and will operate the schools in ways designed to maximize profit off of our students. 

Please contact members of the House Education Committee and tell them to vote against HB1733.

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Make Your Voices Heard!

Please join the Citizens First Congress & the Arkansas Opportunity to Learn Campaign for our EDUCATION ADVOCACY DAY, MARCH 10, 2015

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Every child in Arkansas deserves a high-quality education. Come make sure your legislators prioritize investing in our education system, which would give ALL students great opportunities to learn! You make a big difference when you attend, observe and speak on the issues you care about the most. Lawmakers need to hear from YOU!  

Join parents and families from across Arkansas to advocate for the important issues facing our children in education:

  • High Quality Early Childhood Education
  • Highly Effective Teachers, Administrators, School Structure & Learning Time
  • College & Career Preparatory Curriculum
  • Equitable Instructional Resources & Policies
  • Effective Interventions
  • Improved Access to Higher Education
  • Parent, Student, Community, & School Partnerships


9:00 am Breakfast and briefing at the Arkansas Education Association
1500 W. 4th Street, Little Rock, AR

10:00 am Attend legislative committee hearings at the Arkansas State Capitol
500 Woodlane Street, Little Rock, AR

12:00 Lunch with your legislators at the Arkansas Education Association

1:00 Rally in the Old Supreme Courtroom

1:30 pm See the Arkansas House and Senate in action at the State Capitol

Register Here Now!

For more information, please contact:

Ana Phakhin (479) 856-2750;