CFC ALERT: Join Us at the Capitol to Fight for Equality

Dear Friend,

On Sunday, more than 700 people united to fight for equality, calling on our elected leaders to put a stop to House Bill 1228, which will legalize discrimination in the name of "religious freedom."

This weekend, more than 3,000 Arkansas signed our letter calling for Governor Hutchinson to veto the bill, and more continue to get involved.

Sign our letter asking Governor Hutchinson to Veto HB1228.

Today (3/30) at 12:30, we will join the Human Rights Campaign of Arkansas to continue to take a stand against this discriminatory bill with a peaceful protest beginning at the Arkansas State Capitol Steps. Come tell your legislators and Governor Asa Hutchinson HB1228 does not reflect Arkansas values. 

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Arkansans is a melting pot of different races, religions, beliefs and walks of life. We are strongest when we respect and celebrate that diversity instead of allowing one group to try to achieve dominion over another.

Arkansas has worked hard to overcome our worst days of intolerance. Arkansas has made incredible progress towards a more open, diverse and inclusive society. Our families, our communities, our economy and our culture are all stronger for it.

HB1228 threatens to return Arkansas to our darkest days of discrimination against a wide range of Arkansans. People hiding behind a guise of religious belief could legally discriminate against others based on their perceived age, gender, disability, dress, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs and nearly anything else.