CFC ALERT: CALL NOW to support Renewable Energy in Arkansas

Dear Friend,

Contact the Joint Energy Committee NOW to Support Renewable Energy

At 10AM MONDAY the Joint Energy committee is expected to consider HB1885, which would create the Arkansas Distributed Generation Act. 

The bill would encourage development of renewable energy sources benefiting consumers, the grid, the economy and the environment.

Joint Energy Committee Contact info: House  - Senate 

The AR Distributed Generation Act of 2015: 

  • Fosters economic development and creates opportunity for job growth
  • Leaves the rates, terms and other conditions to be set by the experts at the Arkansas Public Service Commission
  • Protects the integrity and improves the reliability of the overall electric system
  • Offers greater energy independence
  • Increases security of our electric system- decreases vulnerability of the electric system to threats from terrorist attacks and other potentially catastrophic disruptions
  • Lessens the need for right-of-ways for electric transmission and distribution 
  • Diversifies our energy sources leading to positive economic, environmental and public health impacts for Arkansans 

The Joint Energy Committee meeting is in Room 171 at 10:00 am on Monday March 23.

Legislators are also expected to consider HB1646. The bill amends the Guaranteed Energy Costs Savings of 2013 to place taxpayers at risk for bearing the burden of energy performance contracts on state owned buildings and weakens the definition of who is a “qualified provider.” 

Call your legislators NOW and ask them to vote for HB1885, and against HB1646.

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