HB1870: Call NOW to Protect Arkansas’ Property Owners

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B1870: Call Lawmakers NOW to Protect Arkansas’ Property Owners

Did you know Arkansas law gives pipeline companies the power of eminent domain? That is, the power to take private property for public use without the consent of the owner. Often, this power is used to build things that we all need and use, like roads, water mains, and other public works.

However, in Arkansas private oil companies can use it to take your property without permission to build an oil pipeline. The sad truth is, they often abuse that power in ways that hurt Arkansas landowners and families. 

HB1870, The Private Property Protection Act, puts power back in the hands of Arkansas citizens, giving them protections against oil companies who abuse their power of eminent domain. It brings accountability to the eminent domain process used by oil companies, preventing abuse and ensuring  eminent domain is only used for the public good. 

If passed, HB1870 would:

  • Make oil companies liable for any damage done to a landowner’s property during a survey. 
  • Ensure that landowners receive notice when an oil company is considering seizing their property, and that landowners are aware of their legal rights in this situation. 
  • Require the oil company to demonstrate the necessity of the pipeline to the Arkansas Public Service Commission, that eminent domain is necessary to build the pipeline, and that the public good of the pipeline justifies the use of eminent domain. 
  • Require a permit from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, ensuring that the pipeline project is environmentally sound.

Rep. Sabin will present HB1870 to the House Insurance and Commerce Committee TOMORROW (3/20) at 9am. Click here for contact information and call your representatives NOW.

The committee meets in Room 149 at the Capitol Building, please come to protect property owners’ rights.