CFC ALERT: Environmental Bills Need YOUR Support

Dear Friend,

Call your legislators THIS WEEK to support renewable energy and other environmental protections.

Important environmental bills are coming up for votes and lawmakers need to hear from YOU.

Click here for a contact information, or on the name of each committee for specific members.

Please call your representatives in support of the following bills...


Creates the Arkansas Clean Energy Act, requiring electric utilities to develop and maintain a standardized renewable energy generation contract as part of their portfolio and authorizing renewable energy generation credits.  This bill will improve Arkansas’ green economy and expand our renewable energy portfolio. Referred to Joint Energy Committee.


Landowners across the state have been surprised to find out that pollution permits have been issued that may affect their property and their interests, which recently caused great controversy in the Buffalo River Watershed. HB1701 fixes that by requiring companies applying for pollution permits to do a better job of notifying the community. Referred to House Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development Committee.


Requires public utilities filing for a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need to send a written notice to all property owner in the proposed route of the construction at least 30 days prior to the filing date.  Referred to House City, County and Local Affairs Committee.

Please call your representatives in opposition of the following bills...

SB333 and SB757

Require taxpayers to pay developers and corporations to simply follow our health, environmental and quality of life protections. Both SB333 and SB757 would essentially ban rules that protect your family and property from landfills, liquor stores, incinerators and other things that might not be right for your community. Referred to Senate Insurance and Commerce Committee.


Amends provisions relating to energy efficiency contracts and projects placing taxpayers at risk for bearing the burden of contracts that do not perform and weakens the definition of who is a “qualified provider” to perform energy efficiency contracts. Referred to Joint Energy Committee.

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