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You are joining a coalition that is a powerful voice for everyday Arkansans in our legislative and political process.

Receive updates from the state capitol to help you make an impact on the issues you care about.

Access to CFC trainings to develop your skills to advocate for the issues that you care about.

Invitations to regional CFC Events and opportunities to participate in CFC Advocacy Days at the State Capitol.

As a member of the CFC you are becoming a part of a statewide movement to get more people involved in the political process. We have a long track record of making Arkansas better because of people just like you.

Help support the CFC Platform elected by member organizations from across the state. 

Only delegates from member organizations can vote on the CFC Agenda, but individual members play a critical role in advocating for the things that make Arkansas stronger.

Together we are expanding justice opportunities for All Arkansans


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