Citizens First Congress Convention 2018


The Purpose of the Citizens First Congress Convention is to elect the CFC's platform of issues that the cfc will support during the 2019 legislative session

Advocates from across the state will convene in Little Rock for a three day process where each caucus will vote on proposals to be submitted to the CFC's general assembly of delegates. 

The goal of the convention is to bring together people from all over the state with differing viewpoints.  We have a structured process for the Conventions that allows each organization’s delegates to participate in a fair manner.  

Our Convention process follows many of the same procedures as the legislative process.  At the end of the Convention we will have a platform of the issues that we think are most important to move Arkansas forward.

We strive for consensus, which involves several steps, taken in order.

  1. Clarifying questions and responses from the group making the proposal.

  2. Airing of concerns and discussion about how to improve the proposal by taking into consideration those concerns and amending the proposal.

  3. Call for consensus (no one raises objections) on the final proposal.

  4. If there are objections on a proposal, then we fall back on voting.

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